Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kayla's 2-year-old Rainbow Bridge Adventure :)

Little Kayla has grown up a lot since the last time we photographed her - like most toddlers, she loves to run, spin, jump, and giggle, and her vocabulary would put most grown ups to shame ;) She also loves rainbows. Mommy thought the rainbow bridge in the Don Valley might be a fun spot for our photo session, and she was right - Kayla's reaction to seeing the bridge for the first time was utter glee.. I'll be surprised if she's not asking to go back on a regular basis ;) I love this first shot of her as she rounded the corner and starting racing towards the bridge! And rainbow umbrellas were the icing on the cake :)

 She made us all dizzy spinning around and around swinging her umbrella, but somehow
never stumbled (thankfully!)
 She's also got a keen eye for nature - after spotting a racoon napping near the bridge over the river, she also spotted a really big (and very dead) salmon washed up on the rocks. After pointing it out to all of us, she mentioned that he'd "got himself in quite a predicament" - which had us all in stitches!
Kayla had her own ideas about the "cute matching shoes" picture ;)

 Kym & Adam: we had so much fun with you two and Miss Kayla! Thanks for having us tag along for your rainbow bridge adventure day!!

Jessica + Norman

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