Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sweet Baby Seija at 7 1/2 months :)

From the first time I met Baby Seija, I was struck by her intense gaze - it was almost like she was working really hard on figuring things out. And then all of a sudden, she would burst into smiles :) A few months later, she definitely still has the intense gaze, and still goes easily between that and a huge grin.. and now there are two shiny new teeth to show off with that smile :D Between the smiles and the big blue eyes, she completely charmed us when we were there to capture this super-sweet moment in her little life..

Seija's toes are pretty much her favourite thing in the world right now :) I love her pretty little beaded anklet too! 
 Here's that serious face ;) And then more smiles :)
Cheryl & Jonny - you guys have such a sweet little girl! Thanks so much for having us over to capture all her moods, expressions, and teeth :)

xo Jessica + Norman

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sweet Baby Ewan at 22 days old :)

Ros & Hil are one of the sweetest couples we've ever met - adorable and romantic, and just generally a joy to be around :) We loved photographing their engagement session in the Roncesvalles and High Park area, and we had so much fun capturing their New Year's Eve wedding at Mildred's Temple Kitchen! So when we found out they were expecting an addition to their family, we couldn't wait to meet him. Baby Ewan has no trouble living up to high expectations.. he's super-sweet and even treated us to a couple of "practice smiles" :D

 Everywhere you look in Ewan's nursery, there's something that's been made by a friend or family member - so much love!
 And of course Paco - who is taking his role as "big brother" very seriously :)
 Roslyn & Hilary - a huge congratulations to you both and your families! We loved meeting Baby Ewan, and can't wait to see all of you again soon :)

Jessica + Norman

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