Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Baby Oliver's 3-month-old Family Trip to the CNE :)

What better way to spend an afternoon than with a couple of sweet little guys at the Ex? Cameron - the Big Brother at 3 years - had such a blast with rides, reptiles, dancing, bubbles, running, riding tractors, playing drums, and probably a million other things, that we could barely keep up with him! Baby Oliver - being less independently mobile so far - was easier to keep track of, but no less entertained :) How sweet is this little face..?!

I seriously can't remember the last time a couple of hours contained so many different excitements :)  

Sarah & Mike - thanks again for allowing us to tag along on your perfect end-of-summer day of family fun! I'm not ashamed to admit that we came home and had a nap after this ;)

xo Jessica + Norman

Emma & Colin's Engagement Session with a Touch of Star Wars :)

If you know Emma & Colin, you'll probably agree with me that the best word to describe them as a couple is "adorable" :) They are super-sweet to each other, and have a great shared sense of humour that frequently leads to giggling.. Maybe my favourite thing about these two is that they also aren't shy about being just a little dorky, which is how we ended up with a lightsaber duel in the midst of their engagement photos - although not until after we'd already seen loads of cuteness and romance!

I love the "bring it on!" faces ;) (also - how awesome are Emma's Princess Leia buns??)
Like every good duel, it ended in kisses :) 
Emma & Colin - we had such a great time visiting a galaxy far far away with you :) You two were an amazing amount of fun to photograph, and we can't wait for your wedding day!

Jessica + Norman

*special thanks to Azadeh and Kanzen for bravely and generously trusting us with their Star Wars figures - you guys rock!*

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Julia & Al's Engagement Session Where it all Began :)

When planning an engagement session, we always ask couples if there's anywhere significant to their history together that might be a cool place to do the photos - but rarely do we get to do the session in the actual location where the couple first met, as we did with Julia and Al :) These high school sweethearts met at a 24 hour dance-a-thon in their school gymnasium, so it seemed the perfect place to go for their engagement photos! Everywhere from the hallway where their lockers were, to a classroom they shared, the lovely outdoor courtyard, and of course the gym - we had so much fun skipping down memory lane with these two..

While Julia was always a very good student, Al was a slight trouble-maker ;) As soon as he sat down in his desk, paper airplane construction began.. 
To tie in with their Doctor Who themed wedding, Al proposed to Julia with a TARDIS ring box, and a very apt quote :)
Practicing some dance moves in the gym :) Check out that last spin - I love it! 
We finished off with a visit to the beautiful sunny courtyard :) 
Julia & Al - we had a blast photographing your engagement session! I loved how you two were somehow so well organized and at the same time spontaneous :) We're so excited for your wedding, and can't wait to see all the Doctor Who details!

xo Jessica + Norman

Make-up: Christina Carducci
Special thanks to everyone at Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, for allowing us to use this perfect location!