Monday, February 28, 2011

Amanda & Tim's Wedding

After all the planning and build-up, the big day finally arrived :) Here are a few pictures of the awesome-ness that was Tim & Amanda's rockstar wedding..

*Note - As this was my sister's wedding, I obviously did not take all of these pictures (I just did the ones that happen before we get to City Hall), which leads into my "good news/good news" - Kim Jeffery, who has assisted me for many years and acted as my second shooter more than once, is no longer assisting and is now shooting for herself. She's the one who did all of the shots at the Augusta house, and she set up the photo booth as well. We wish her all the best! 
And Norman, who is not only my fantastic boyfriend but has also been assisting me with weddings and commercial shoots this past year, bravely volunteered to do the photography at City Hall and during make-up at Alchemy Center - he did such a great job that he has been enthusiastically promoted to 2nd photographer! I should also mention that he helped a LOT during the photo editing stage which was greatly appreciated :)

And so - the pictures!

The excitement started the day before the actual wedding, when Tim & Amanda went to get their rings tattooed on at Kev's Tattoos on Carlton:

apparently, the inside of your finger HURTS when you put a tattoo on it!

These are the flowers that we picked up to go in the bud vases on the tables for the reception at The Augusta House in Kensington Market - the colour was fantastic and the scale was perfect (I have no idea what they're called though..)

The gift for the guests - CD of the band playing at the reception: The Mad Housewives

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Date Night at the Local Chippy

So - after a year and a week of living in our house and walking past the yummy aroma of fish and chips and grease, we finally made it in to Len Duckworth's Fish & Chips :) We had just survived a busy couple of weeks leading up to my sister's wedding (more on that later!) and then recovering afterwards, so we figured we were due a nice relaxing night out..
I love the minimalist 70's decor in this place, which won't surprise anyone who's seen our house ;)

I had the halibut, Norman had the cod, neither lasted for long....yummm...

This was Norman telling a great story about tractor driving on a potato farm...imagine having a girlfriend who takes pictures of you while you're trying to tell a story!

And, the Happy Couple :) Yes, I overdressed. But it was fun :)

Now - back to work on retouching and album designing, so I'll have something work-related to show you later!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Engagement Pictures as Guest Book

Back in the fall (Halloween, to be exact) we shot an engagement session with Cheryl and Jonny at St. James Cathedral in Toronto, and now I'm excited to show the final result - a guest book for their wedding that shows off some of their favourite images from our shoot!

Cheryl is in book publishing, so when she asked for "a lot of white space" (something most photographers hate to hear!) I trusted her instinct and ended up loving the results :) Now, not only is there a bit of balance to add impact to the images, but there is also lots of space for the guests to leave their wishes for the bride and groom.. here are a couple of the pages from our book:

I'm also really thrilled at how the orange linen cover pops with the dark steely blue of the cathedral door and the fall colours in the leaves.

Now that the guest book is taken care of, we are really looking forward to their wedding in April at the Gardiner Museum (they are both totally smitten with chef Jamie Kennedy) - a very classy venue for an intimate and personal wedding.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facebook page for Jessica Lin Photography!

It's finally up and running - now you can also keep track of us on facebook! Please visit the page, "like" it, share it with anyone you think might be interested, and share your thoughts with us :) Looking forward to seeing you there soon...

Unique Wedding Venue - Wolf Den (Algonquin Park)

If you are a nature-loving, outdoorsy-type of couple, this might just be the perfect venue for a wedding that is both unique and very personal! Even if you aren't getting married, it's a great spot for an escape from city life :)

Located just outside the west gate to Algonquin Park along highway 60, Wolf Den Bunkhouse n' Cabins is a cozy and eco-friendly venue for an intimate wedding. They have a main cabin which houses the kitchen and dining areas..

and an upstairs loft-style lounge.. 

equipped with guitars, bongo drums, lots of books, and classic games such as crokinole and cribbage. 

Surrounding the main cabin are a series of smaller cabins ranging from fully private to big shared dorm-style rooms. They also have a lovely little sauna log cabin, and outdoor shower facilities. 

Because of the location, there are many fantastic hikes and bike trails in the summer, and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter.
What we thought was particularly great about it when we were there was the idea that all of your guests could stay together for the weekend (or even longer). We asked Ben, Wolf Den's owner/manager, a few questions about booking the venue for a wedding...