Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Eleanor & Liam's Gorgeous Fall Wedding at the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse :)

When I first met Eleanor & Liam, I noticed that they're one of those couples who - even though they've known each other for years now - are always holding hands or have their hands on each others knees. I love that about them :) For a couple like this, the joy in their wedding day has nothing to do with pretty details, and everything to do with a room full of love and your soul mate beside you. So months before the actual wedding, I knew it would be an amazing, fun, and heartfelt day. As it turns out, it also happened to be stunningly beautiful :) Here are some of my favourite images from this fantastic day..

The guys were very relaxed in the "getting ready" stage - and that was without even dipping in to the lovely bottles of rose gin that the groomsmen got as gifts ;)

 Looking good and ready to go - complete with a sword that's been passed down through Liam's
 family since the war of 1812! (more of that sword later..)
 There's something fantastic about bookshelves full of real books that people have actually read -
this one ran the length of the wall and seemed the perfect background, since it's a common love of theatre that brought Eleanor & Liam together in the first place :)
I love these reactions - especially Dad's!
We took these gorgeous ladies down to the Distillery District, where they turned heads
everywhere they went :)
 I'm so in love with these images of Eleanor on the little bench under the hearts!
If you thought that got a lot of attention, you should have seen the large crowd that gathered to watch as a piper led Eleanor, her dad, and the ladies from there to the Enoch Turner Schoolhouse for the ceremony! Thankfully they were kind enough to mostly stay out of the pictures ;)
an amazingly grand entrance :)

A post-ceremony photo with all the guests out front of the schoolhouse..
 I absolutely adore how the golds and oranges of the bridal party pop against the red brick
and blue woodwork!
 The beautiful hall, all ready for dinner - believe it or not, Eleanor had a ladies' night the night before and they did all these floral arrangements themselves! :)

 If guests wanted to see the bride & groom kiss, they had to get up and sing something for everyone - this might seem like a tall order, but it turns out this was a room full of very talented performers!
And here comes the sword! Not only great for cake-cutting, but also for the spirited Highland
dancing that followed!
Eleanor & Liam: I can't imagine a more perfect wedding day for the two of you :) It was a beautiful reflection of the genuine warmth and thoughtfulness that characterizes not only the two of you, but also your families and friends as well - may you have many many years of happy days together!

Jessica + Norman

Venue: Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

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