Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sweet Baby Henry at 3 Months Old :)

It seems like just a few days ago that we were photographing Baby Henry's debut when he was less than a week old, and now all of a sudden he's 3 months old! Older brothers Cameron and Oliver still think he's pretty great, and so do we :) Here are some of my favourite images from our most recent summery session with the whole family..

Cameron is pretty much the family joker, and had so much fun tickling his younger brothers!

It was definitely one of those days where being near a splash pad was a great idea :) Henry's still a bit tiny for that kind of excitement, so he just chilled out in the shade :)
Sarah & Mike: we can't believe how wide-eyed and smiley Henry has become in such a short time! We had a blast at the park with you guys, and can't wait to see you all again soon!
Jessica + Norman

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sweet Baby Lachlan - 6 months and 4 teeth :)

{In case you've missed the start of this story, here are Andrea & Dave's maternity session, and Lachlan's newborn and 4-month session. If you're really behind, you can also check out their engagement session and wedding day as well ;) }
Now that you're up to date, you'll appreciate how much Lachlan has grown and changed in the past couple of months! He's got 4 teeth already, can sit up like a champion, and is so full of smiles it's unbelievable :) We got together recently to capture this adorable stage in his life..
OMG - that hat!! And check out those eyes :)
Of all his new talents, this is my favourite - as soon as you put him on his back, Lachlan does crunches to try to sit up, resulting in the most hilarious facial expressions!
He can't resist delicious Peter Rabbit ;)
Andrea & Dave: We are having so much fun seeing wee Lachlan grow from a tiny newborn into a smiley little boy! Thanks so much for inviting us along on his first year adventures :) Can't wait to see what he'll have in store for us next time!

Jessica + Norman

Meet Jacqueline & Ted's Super-Adorable Newborn Twins :)

Jacqueline has asked me to photograph many pretty things over the past decade, including her lovely Soak bottles and her awesome brunch wedding at the SoHo House, but none of them come close to the session we had recently with Jacqueline & Ted and their newborn twins :) As I was looking through the images after, I couldn't stop laughing out loud, and the expressions on their little faces nearly killed me with cuteness over and over again. Consider yourself warned ;) Meet super-adorable and tiny Stella and Felix..

Of all their adorable little features, I think the toes are my favourite!

 This is where it starts to get crazy cute - these two look like they're having a heated discussion about something very important (probably deciding how best to out-cute fuzzy Leo!)

 I love how it looks like Stella is whispering in Jacqueline's ear, and Felix is whispering in Ted's :)
(in reality, Stella was trying her best to eat Jacqueline's hair!)
There are no words for how adorable these last few images are..
Jacqueline & Ted: the biggest of congratulations on your super-sweet new family members:) We instantly fell in love with Stella and Felix, and can't wait to photograph them again throughout their first year!!

Jessica + Norman

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kites! Bubbles! Twins! Awesome Family Portrait Session :)

Twins - obviously - means two of almost everything. Not just two babies, but a double stroller, two cribs, high chairs, car seats, wardrobes. Maybe bunk beds when they get a bit older. And, as we learned in our recent family portrait session with Nicola & Andy and their twin boys, it also means twice the fun! See for yourself..
 I especially loved the way the boys would set each other off, and their giggles were contagious :)
If you've never seen the look on a child's face the first time he flies a kite, I highly recommend it. Absolute joy :)
 And then - bubbles!! So much fun!!
Time to relax a bit after all that excitement :)

 Nicola & Andy - no kidding, this was one of the most fun days we've ever had :) Maybe all your days are like this, but we felt very lucky to be invited along to capture the love and joy of your family! Thank you so much (and thanks for being so well prepared!), and can't wait to show you the rest of your photos!!

Jessica + Norman

Friday, July 1, 2016

Martine & Terence - Lovely Leafy Summer Wedding at Vaughan Estate :)

As a couple, Martine & Terence have a very sweet sincerity.. we got to experience this a bit during their awesome "geeky" engagement session back in the fall, and even more so on their wedding day :) They were maybe the most relaxed bride and groom I've ever seen, which allowed them to both really enjoy the day. There were many fun moments, and lots of laughter :) Here are some of my favourite images of the day..
Martine's childhood bedroom has the most beautiful light.. I love the airy glow of these images of her getting ready :)
Maybe the only slightly tense moment of the day.. Martine had to wait inside while Terence and his groomsmen underwent the "door games" trials devised by the bridesmaids and bridesman. Terence had to sing a Rick Astley song out on the lawn, and then there were yoga poses, passing grapes (without using hands!), shots of unknown liquids, and finally a contract to sign..
He finally made it through!
We then headed over to the lovely Vaughan Estate and took some photos of the happy couple before their ceremony on the tree-lined terrace :)

What a gorgeous spot to say "I do"!!

 I love an intimate venue like this, with loads of character :) It really suited Martine & Terence's casually elegant day!
 And for those of you who love a stunning display of mini green tea cupcakes.. ;)
These shots seem to have gone down a bit easier than the mystery ones earlier in the day!

 This is the first time I've ever seen an illustrated speech (above)..!
There was never a dull moment during dinner, and Terence had to undergo even more challenges - including being tested on his knowledge of his new mother-in-law's birthday (which he got right!)
 After all the excitement, we snuck the newlyweds off to this quiet room for a few last photos :)
Martine & Terence - you two were a joy to photograph on your wedding day! You are both so genuine and thoughtful, and because of that your families and guests also had a fantastic time :) We wish you many more days of fun and laughter in your future together :)

Jessica + Norman

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Jacqueline & Ted - Twins on the Way!! :)

I've known Jacqueline and her fantastic business Soak for over a decade now, and it seems like just the other day we were photographing the awesome day when she and Ted got married at Soho House.. now they're having TWINS!! We are super-excited for them! But before their lives get totally taken over by these new little people, we got together to photograph their maternity session :) Here are some of my favourite images from that lovely day..
 I'm totally in love with Jacqueline's necklace! It was such a great pop of colour :)

 We finished off our walk around the neighbourhood by going for coffee and the craziest walnut chocolate chip cookies you've ever seen :)
Jacqueline & Ted - we are over the moon excited for you two! We can't wait to meet your tiny twins when they arrive!!

Jessica + Norman

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Welcoming Baby Henry to the Family :)

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Baby Henry for the first time :) As a third brother, he has been born to experienced parents and two very excited older brothers! Things were a bit chaotic at times (as all parents can relate to I'm sure), but wee Henry just took it in stride. Here are some of my favourite images from that day..
Sarah is an amazing knitter, and made this gorgeous blanket. She and Mike both made Henry's sign using the yarn left over after the blanket was made :)
Daddy entertaining the two big brothers while we spent a bit of time with Henry :)
I love his perfect Superman pose (below), his wee smile, and of course - the tiny baby toes!!

(I'm not the only one who thinks his toes are pretty great!)

I love the range of expressions in these last images - Oliver's at an age where he's quicker than 4 adults and kept "escaping", Cameron is an old pro at being photographed and can be quite the ham, and Henry - apart from one big yawn - just chilled :)
Sarah & Mike: as always, it was a complete pleasure to capture this exciting moment in your family's history. We had so much fun photographing and being entertained by your three sweet boys - the two of you are doing an excellent job :) Can't wait to see you soon to show you the rest of the images!

Jessica + Norman