Saturday, October 31, 2015

Romina & Mike's Humber River Kayaking Engagement Session :)

There's no better way to enjoy this time of year than being outside in nature - everywhere you look it's a stunning reminder of the cycles of the seasons, and a feast for the eyes. When I found out that Romina & Mike enjoy kayaking together, it seemed like the perfect thing to do for their October engagement session! We spent a couple of fabulous hours paddling along the Humber River before exploring the paths in the surrounding area.. the colours were spectacular, and Romina & Mike did an amazing job navigating to get into just the right places for some great images (not always as easy as it sounds with a current!)
Every corner we rounded rewarded us with a new gorgeous view :)
 This little marsh area was one of my favourite spots..
We were lucky enough to see a few herons as well as egrets, swans, and lots of ducks :)
And then a little wander through the woods - no sign of the pair of deer I saw earlier (of course!),
but lots of other prettiness :)
Romina & Mike: you two were awesome! We loved your "let's do it!" attitudes, as well as how sweet the two of you are together :) Keep practicing that slow motion kiss - it'll come in handy on your wedding day! 

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