Sunday, October 30, 2016

Kym & Adam's Fall Leaves Family Session in the Park :)

Whoever thinks that little girls are less rambunctious than little boys, should spend a morning with Miss K! From the minute she saw us and came bounding down the path in the park, to the (approximately) one million times she ran in a circle around this big tree trunk to jump out and yell "SURPRISE!!!", she was a non-stop whirlwind of excitement :) We had so much fun chasing her around! Here are some of my favourite moments from our recent session..

The only thing that slowed her down all morning was when she discovered the fairy houses at the bottom of the tree :) She immediately went to work piling little handfuls of leaves up around them for protection.. this is maybe one of the cutest things I've ever seen!
 And then there was throwing leaves everywhere!
Miss K helped me take this photo of her Mommy & Daddy, which is one of my favourites of them together :) When we tried to add her into the picture though, there was more squirming and wriggling and tickling and giggling than you've maybe ever seen!
Totally worth it in the end though :)

Kym & Adam: We always have such a blast with the three of you, and this time we got to add "magical" to the long list of happy words associated with spending time with your family :)

Jessica + Norman

Sylvana & Travis' Romantic Forest Fairytale Wedding in Niagara :)

 When we first met with Sylvana & Travis, she described her vision for their wedding day as a "forest fantasy", and I knew right away we'd get along very well :) In spite of rainy forecasts, when the day finally arrived, it was absolutely perfect.. it didn't hurt to have a couple of stunningly landscaped locations, and one of the sweetest couples you've ever met :) Here are some of my favourite images from their big day..
 We started the day off with Sylvana & the girls getting ready at White Oaks Spa & Resort - I loved all the flowers and sparkle woven into Sylvana's & her bridesmaids' hair!

 As the location for their "First Look", Sylvana had the perfect suggestion - the Blessing Bell of Marriage in the garden of the spa :)

Fall is always my favourite time of year, but this garden was one of the most spectacularly
autumnal places I've ever been!

 I loved that the groomsmen were hamming it up while we were just photographing their socks! And along with all the gorgeous colourful flowers, Sylvana's bouquet had cinnamon sticks
and pine cones - how awesome is that?!
For the family photos, we headed over to Club Roma, where the ceremony
was taking place - also stunning!

 The setting for the ceremony was absolutely a forest fairytale :)
Hard to beat the level of enthusiasm of these flower girls!

 This wine cask was the perfect setting for Sylvana & Travis' invitation set! I really love their birch bark cake and foresty centrepieces :)
The ceiling in the reception hall was a starry night sky - complete with the occasional shooting star!
 Photo booth fun!

Sylvana & Travis: we had such a great time photographing your wedding, and we hope that the rest of your lives together are touched with the same fairytale magic as your wedding day was! Thank you so much for having us there to be a part of it :)

Jessica + Norman

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Welcoming Baby Sam to the Family :)

Oliver was one of the very first babies we ever photographed, so it was a complete delight to get to see him become an older brother recently! He's already figured out that the best part is trying to make his new little brother smile, and at 3 months, Baby Sam is a bundle of joy :) Here are some of my favourite images from our recent session with this lovely family..
I love that we photographed Oliver on this same quilt when he was just a few weeks old, and now it's Sam's turn :)
 This was probably the trickiest part of the session (Oliver just wants to run and jump at this point!), but these pictures ended up being my favourites! I love the range of expressions between
the two of them :)

Rasha & Wil: your family is absolutely beautiful and it was such a joy to hang out with all of you! We look forward to seeing these hilarious brothers grow up together :)

Jessica + Norman

Friday, October 7, 2016

Sweet Baby Teddy - 6 months old :)

It seems like just yesterday that we were photographing Angela & Roman's wedding, where one of the games during dinner had them diapering a doll to test their future parenting skills. Fast-forward to now, and everyone can see that they are fantastic parents :) Teddy is one of the calmest and best-behaved little guys we've ever met, and it was so fun seeing what lengths 4 adults would go to just to see his very rewarding smiles! Here are some of my favourite images from our recent session with this little cutie..

I love his little hat so much!

Angela & Roman: we love seeing you guys with little Teddy - you're both such naturals and we had a great time with the three of you! 

Jessica + Norman

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Romina & Mike's Gorgeous, Romantic, and Hilarious Wedding :)

Romina & Mike are that rare kind of couple that can switch from romantic to goofy and back again in a matter of minutes. We had so much fun photographing their kayaking engagement session last fall that we knew their wedding day would be a blast! Like most days towards the end of this summer, their wedding day was a hot one - but armed with a gang of fan-wielding bridesmaids, these guys were up for anything :) On top of that, there were enough gorgeous details to give the day a truly enchanted feeling.. here are some of my favourite images from this awesome day :)

Romina's gown had this sea of ruffles that I loved, and it suited her perfectly!

I also love a pocket square that isn't just a straight line - Mike pulled this off very nicely :)
I'd seen the outside of this church a couple of months prior, but nothing had prepared me for how lovely, airy, and bright it was on the inside! And the arches... :)

Seriously - between Romina's gown and her bouquet, I'm not sure which I loved more!
The succulents were such a great touch :)

Everyone in the Bridal Party climbed aboard the great big limo coach, and we headed over to the McMichael Gallery, which has beautiful scenery all around :)  
Did I mention this was in the early days of Pokemon Go? Just below, you'll see the guilty face of someone caught in the act in the middle of doing photos ;) 
"What's that behind your back?" "Nothing.."

 And then the reception.. here come all those beautiful details I mentioned earlier!
Maid of Honour Christine also made this stunning cake! 

We snuck the bride & groom away for a quick last photo - they were pretty much this happy and relaxed all day long, which I loved :)

Romina & Mike: from what I can tell, you two are absolutely perfect for each other :) You put everyone around you at ease, and are such a pleasure to spend time with! May you have many years of the kind of joyous giggles that your wedding day was full of :)

Jessica + Norman

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sweet Baby Henry at 3 Months Old :)

It seems like just a few days ago that we were photographing Baby Henry's debut when he was less than a week old, and now all of a sudden he's 3 months old! Older brothers Cameron and Oliver still think he's pretty great, and so do we :) Here are some of my favourite images from our most recent summery session with the whole family..

Cameron is pretty much the family joker, and had so much fun tickling his younger brothers!

It was definitely one of those days where being near a splash pad was a great idea :) Henry's still a bit tiny for that kind of excitement, so he just chilled out in the shade :)
Sarah & Mike: we can't believe how wide-eyed and smiley Henry has become in such a short time! We had a blast at the park with you guys, and can't wait to see you all again soon!
Jessica + Norman