Thursday, February 3, 2011

Unique Wedding Venue - Wolf Den (Algonquin Park)

If you are a nature-loving, outdoorsy-type of couple, this might just be the perfect venue for a wedding that is both unique and very personal! Even if you aren't getting married, it's a great spot for an escape from city life :)

Located just outside the west gate to Algonquin Park along highway 60, Wolf Den Bunkhouse n' Cabins is a cozy and eco-friendly venue for an intimate wedding. They have a main cabin which houses the kitchen and dining areas..

and an upstairs loft-style lounge.. 

equipped with guitars, bongo drums, lots of books, and classic games such as crokinole and cribbage. 

Surrounding the main cabin are a series of smaller cabins ranging from fully private to big shared dorm-style rooms. They also have a lovely little sauna log cabin, and outdoor shower facilities. 

Because of the location, there are many fantastic hikes and bike trails in the summer, and snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter.
What we thought was particularly great about it when we were there was the idea that all of your guests could stay together for the weekend (or even longer). We asked Ben, Wolf Den's owner/manager, a few questions about booking the venue for a wedding...

Capacity (if you book the whole place) - in the summer (June to mid-October) you can sleep 60, in the winter it's 30
Price to book the whole place - summer (June to mid-October) - $1300/night*, peak winter (late December to late March) - $825/night*, and the "shoulder seasons" (November to Christmas, late March to early May) - $675/night* (*two-night minimum)
Deposit required - 50%
How far ahead to book it - 8 months to a year in advance is best, but sometimes even 3 months is enough notice during the slower seasons
Catering options - they have a handful of barbecues in front of the cabins, and also a nicely equipped kitchen. Some couples hire a catering company, while some are more comfortable designating a few people to be in charge of the barbecuing and a few others to be in charge of salads and sides. Ben recommends renting a tent to set up an eating area outside - tent rental companies can often also provide dishes to make things a bit easier. 

Stuff we loved about the place - it was very clean, they have a fireplace in the lounge (very cozy at night!), the kitchen (a big fridge, two stoves, one oven, toaster oven, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, lots of pots/pans/knives/etc., spices for cooking with), the great laid-back atmosphere, being so close to so much natural beauty (you can literally see trees out the top of the shower door in the summer!). What is also awesome is their mandatory recycling program and composting bin, and their rule about no disposable dishes or cutlery - keeps the environmental impact of your wedding day to a minimum!

To get more information and see tons more pictures, check out Wolf Den's website, facebook page, and blog. Needless to say - if you are going to have your wedding in this beautiful location, we would love to photograph it for you :)


  1. My daughter had a gorgeous Fall Wedding there...and the big tent is a must....for the weatherman was not co-operative and Boy did it rain at times....My husband is a Chef and prepared all his gourmet dishes in the kitchen...lots of room!!!! What a Great Place for a down to earth Wedding!!!!!

  2. I think Ben showed me some pictures from your daughter's wedding - it looked fantastic :)


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