Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Date Night at the Local Chippy

So - after a year and a week of living in our house and walking past the yummy aroma of fish and chips and grease, we finally made it in to Len Duckworth's Fish & Chips :) We had just survived a busy couple of weeks leading up to my sister's wedding (more on that later!) and then recovering afterwards, so we figured we were due a nice relaxing night out..
I love the minimalist 70's decor in this place, which won't surprise anyone who's seen our house ;)

I had the halibut, Norman had the cod, neither lasted for long....yummm...

This was Norman telling a great story about tractor driving on a potato farm...imagine having a girlfriend who takes pictures of you while you're trying to tell a story!

And, the Happy Couple :) Yes, I overdressed. But it was fun :)

Now - back to work on retouching and album designing, so I'll have something work-related to show you later!

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