Monday, February 28, 2011

Amanda & Tim's Wedding

After all the planning and build-up, the big day finally arrived :) Here are a few pictures of the awesome-ness that was Tim & Amanda's rockstar wedding..

*Note - As this was my sister's wedding, I obviously did not take all of these pictures (I just did the ones that happen before we get to City Hall), which leads into my "good news/good news" - Kim Jeffery, who has assisted me for many years and acted as my second shooter more than once, is no longer assisting and is now shooting for herself. She's the one who did all of the shots at the Augusta house, and she set up the photo booth as well. We wish her all the best! 
And Norman, who is not only my fantastic boyfriend but has also been assisting me with weddings and commercial shoots this past year, bravely volunteered to do the photography at City Hall and during make-up at Alchemy Center - he did such a great job that he has been enthusiastically promoted to 2nd photographer! I should also mention that he helped a LOT during the photo editing stage which was greatly appreciated :)

And so - the pictures!

The excitement started the day before the actual wedding, when Tim & Amanda went to get their rings tattooed on at Kev's Tattoos on Carlton:

apparently, the inside of your finger HURTS when you put a tattoo on it!

These are the flowers that we picked up to go in the bud vases on the tables for the reception at The Augusta House in Kensington Market - the colour was fantastic and the scale was perfect (I have no idea what they're called though..)

The gift for the guests - CD of the band playing at the reception: The Mad Housewives

And now for the Big Day! The nervous happy couple tied purple ribbon over their new ring tattoos, to be undone during the ceremony at City Hall in Toronto

the undoing of the ribbons...

TA-DA! Married :)

And now to get ready for the party! We headed out to the west end to the studio of fabulous make-up artist Dorota Buczel to get all dolled up..

While Amanda was getting her make-up done, her amazing friends Margaret and Rozzlyn were helping me to alter my dress for party mode.. (it's the socks that really make it!)

totally in LOVE with the end result!

just a little bit excited ;)

And then off to the Augusta House! Norman finally gets to put down the camera and relax a bit..

One of the bravest and most beautiful things I've ever seen - my sister sang "Glitter in the Air" by Pink for Tim and did an unbelievable job! I cried like a baby.. I had no idea she was that good!

Tim is also a very talented fellow..

And then it got exciting.. starting with photo booth props gone astray:

and shots for the ladies:

Some of my personal faves from the photo booth (the wigs were the key - Norman and Amanda both spent months collecting these things and it was well worth it!)

Phew! A great time was had by all :)
Congratulations Tim & Amanda! We love you!

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