Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Mini-Vacay :)

So, this week we spent a few days up in the always lovely Algonquin Park - no, not camping as many people asked with shrill voices and raised eyebrows, but at a great hostel just outside the west gates of the park. We saw the most amazing frozen-edged waterfall...

went for a walk around a frozen and snow-covered lake...

and spent about half an hour captivated by the details of the snowflakes falling on our scarves :)



Our first night there, the only other guest was Romain - a young guy from the Parisian suburbs, taking two months to travel and explore Canada and the north-eastern part of the America. We shared dinner and beers, and a game of dominoes that lasted until about midnight (which Romain won). His plan the following day was to walk roughly 100kms through the park and to the next hostel on the eastern side (!) He had gone just over 20kms in under 4 hours when we passed him on the road through the park, so we offered him a ride - he was determined to see and photograph the Yurts at Mew Lake, so that was as far as we went before seeing him off and wishing him well. Happily, he made it through alive - if your french is half decent you can check out his adventure here (even if your french is no good, the pictures are great, and he also posts a lot in english)

A lovely time was had by all :)


  1. Just Love your snowflake isn't Ben the Greatest????? Was that first shot from Ragged Falls???? how did you get below the falls if it is??????

  2. Yes, that first shot is Ragged Falls across the road from Wolf Den.. we were walking along the path in the snow and when it got to the water we followed along the edge (it seemed to be pretty frozen..). Then all of a sudden we came around a corner and that was our view - absolutely breathtaking!


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