Saturday, September 24, 2016

Romina & Mike's Gorgeous, Romantic, and Hilarious Wedding :)

Romina & Mike are that rare kind of couple that can switch from romantic to goofy and back again in a matter of minutes. We had so much fun photographing their kayaking engagement session last fall that we knew their wedding day would be a blast! Like most days towards the end of this summer, their wedding day was a hot one - but armed with a gang of fan-wielding bridesmaids, these guys were up for anything :) On top of that, there were enough gorgeous details to give the day a truly enchanted feeling.. here are some of my favourite images from this awesome day :)

Romina's gown had this sea of ruffles that I loved, and it suited her perfectly!

I also love a pocket square that isn't just a straight line - Mike pulled this off very nicely :)
I'd seen the outside of this church a couple of months prior, but nothing had prepared me for how lovely, airy, and bright it was on the inside! And the arches... :)

Seriously - between Romina's gown and her bouquet, I'm not sure which I loved more!
The succulents were such a great touch :)

Everyone in the Bridal Party climbed aboard the great big limo coach, and we headed over to the McMichael Gallery, which has beautiful scenery all around :)  
Did I mention this was in the early days of Pokemon Go? Just below, you'll see the guilty face of someone caught in the act in the middle of doing photos ;) 
"What's that behind your back?" "Nothing.."

 And then the reception.. here come all those beautiful details I mentioned earlier!
Maid of Honour Christine also made this stunning cake! 

We snuck the bride & groom away for a quick last photo - they were pretty much this happy and relaxed all day long, which I loved :)

Romina & Mike: from what I can tell, you two are absolutely perfect for each other :) You put everyone around you at ease, and are such a pleasure to spend time with! May you have many years of the kind of joyous giggles that your wedding day was full of :)

Jessica + Norman

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