Saturday, October 25, 2014

Emma & Colin's Out of This Universe Wedding :)

Emma & Colin (whom you may know from their awesome Star Wars themed engagement session) are one of the cutest and funnest couples I've ever met :) We hit it off within about two minutes of meeting, and I've been eagerly anticipating their wedding ever since! When the big day finally came, it was absolutely perfect - here are some of my favourite images from their wedding at The Heintzman House...

I really love Emma's taste in shoes! A bit of a vintage feel, and such a pretty colour :) 
the stunning bride, all ready to get married.. 

 There was lots of fun being had in the groom's "getting ready" room as well - Colin has a gift for fantastically goofy behaviour in front of the camera, but we also managed to get some images of him that were a bit more relaxed. What stands out in my memory of the day is how both Emma & Colin were bubbling over with excitement and happiness :)

 the "First Look" - always one of my favourite parts of the day, and I really loved this beautiful little solarium alcove :)
 it's always important to test the twirliness of your dress ;)
 I love the groomsmen in their pre-ceremony huddle!
 If you can picture the Imperial March playing as everyone walked down the aisle, you'll get a better idea of the fun feeling that set the tone for the day :)
Unfortunately, Colin's mother was unable to travel to the wedding due to her health, but Emma & Colin arranged for the ceremony to be live streamed, and made sure she had a front row view :)

One of my favourite parts of the ceremony was when the officiant asked all the family and friends to raise their right hands and swear to support Emma & Colin in their futures together :) 

 Now - it was definitely an accident - but I found it hilarious (and thankfully so did Colin!) that one of the first things Emma did after becoming Colin's wife was to head-butt him ;)

Colin, whispering something hilarious in Emma's ear :)

 Not only was there an awesome live band for the reception, but Emma & Colin had awesome dance moves to go with it!

Emma & Colin: You two were so adorably enthusiastic to marry each other that it touched the hearts of everyone there that day! We wish you a million more happy days together, and many fantastic adventures - whether at home or in a galaxy far far away ;)

Jessica + Norman

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