Monday, November 10, 2014

Baby Oliver's First Halloween :)

It's hard to believe that it was already a few months ago when we hung out with Baby Oliver and his family at the CNE for his 3 month session, but time flies and now at almost 6 months old, we got to see him dressed up in his first Halloween costume :) He was the sweetest fuzzy little skunk I've ever seen! Fall leaves are also a new thing for him, so it was super-cute to watch him discover the joys of them too..
Big Brother Cameron was a Canada Goose this year, and did some spectacular flying around the park, along with occasional  pauses to pose and show off his great wings!
I love these colourful fall family shots :)
When I asked Cameron about his new hat ("What kind of beaver are you?"), he didn't hesitate before answering that he was "an honourable beaver" {this is why I love working with kids!} 
Talk about time flying, it was almost 7 years ago now that I photographed Sarah & Mike (aka Mommy & Daddy) for their engagement session in this same park :) 

Sarah & Mike: We had lots of fun running around in the fall leaves with you two and your little guys :) It has been such a pleasure capturing the past 7 years for you, and we can't wait to see Oliver's first teeth come in!

Jessica + Norman

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