Thursday, September 8, 2011

Norman & Jessica's Destination Wedding + Photography Adventure (Part 5)

First time visiting? Here's what's happened so far:  Part 1 - The Proposal, Part 2 - The Wardrobe, Part 3 - The Adventure Begins, Part 4 - The Ceremony

This week...

Part 5 - The Awesome Place We Went for Lunch After the Ceremony

I can see your eyes squinting up with doubt, I can hear you saying "why on earth would I care where you went for lunch after you got married?", but that's only because you've never seen this place:

Recommended by Norman's cousin Cathy, it's called AM:PM and was right around the corner from Belfast City Hall. It reminded me of if my dreams turned into walls :) Big gold frames, fake flowers, and purses everywhere. Chandeliers, candles, and every colour in the known universe finished off the look.

Joe & Elaine, considering their options..

Norman with his best friend Ian, who was fantastic enough to do our pictures at City Hall

This was the best lunch I've ever had :) Duck and hoisin were involved..

the first picture Norman took of his new wife :)

So - as if that restaurant hadn't been perfect enough (and of course the ceremony was perfect!) - when we headed over to Tesco to pick up some roadtrip groceries there were cupcakes! These cupcake people had never been there before, and it was like magic how they showed up for us on our wedding day :) 

My violet cupcake won the beauty contest, but Norman's raspberry cupcake was by far the yummier one

(I had changed out of my dress to go grocery shopping, but thought it best to leave my veil on haha..)

In case you're wondering why we were at Tesco on our wedding day, it's because I think we went to Tesco or Asda (the other big grocery chain) - or both - every single day we were there. Elaine can probably verify this. My lovely husband enjoys a good grocery shopping trip like nobody else I know, so much that it's actually fun to go with him :)

Plus, we had to pick up some groceries because the next day we were heading out on our honeymoon roadtrip around Ireland! This is where it gets kind of exciting - Norman had this idea for us to bring our wedding outfits and all the camera gear with us while we travelled, so that we could take our own wedding pictures in many beautiful Irishy places :) It was sometimes stressful, always windy, and a bit crazy - but the pictures are awesome! 

Here's one of my favourites...

xox Jessica + Norman

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