Sunday, June 12, 2016

Super-Smiley Baby Lachlan at 4 months :)

I can't believe how time flies! It seems like just a few weeks before, we were photographing Baby Lachlan as a sweet little newborn, and now he's 4 months already! He's grown up a lot, and can now give his dad a run for his money with his "stoic" look - especially because it seems that as soon as Dave became a father, he starting grinning ear-to-ear non-stop :) (Andrea has always been full of smiles!) Here are some of my favourite images from our recent session..
What a lovely day - we had blossoms, ducks, turtles, and loads of general natural beauty :)
And of course - this guy! He's always been adorable, but I love how Lachlan is starting to become a wee character :) He was full of smiles, and lots of hilarious expressions too!
I never really get over baby's feet - they have to be the sweetest things in the world :) Oh ya - and those big eyes..!
I love the expression in this first shot, and the drool-wiping is priceless ;)
Andrea & Dave - as always, we had so much fun photographing the three of you! Thanks for bringing us along on this adventure that is the first year of Lachlan's wee life!!
Jessica + Norman

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