Thursday, September 24, 2015

Louisa & Ellie's Destination Engagement Session in the South of England :)

Louisa & Ellie are having a busy year.. In case you missed it, we did a pretty fantastic engagement session with them in Toronto a few months back, and then a couple of weeks ago we were all in England together for their wedding :) While we were there, we spent an evening in Warberswick photographing this gorgeous couple in the town where Louisa's grandparents had lived, and where she'd spent lots of time when she was growing up. This church is where her parents were married, so it was both a beautiful and meaningful location to start the photos..
This marsh was the view Louisa had out her bedroom window when visiting her grandparents, and it was only a short distance from there to the picturesque beach (where Louisa & Ellie took turns serenading each other) and the row of huts that lines it :)
I love the peacefulness of this next image, especially when contrasted with the goofiness
that followed!
I fell in love with these beach huts as a backdrop, and the setting sun just made them
that much better :)
While it's unusual to have someone else along for an engagement session, Ellie's awesome brother Robert came all the way from Canada to be there with his sister, and was a welcome addition to our gang as we toured this lovely seaside village, creating and capturing new memories to go along with the old ones :)
Louisa & Ellie: You two are such a joy to photograph - your sweetness and silliness with each other is so endearing, and we had such a great time in England with you!

Everyone else: if you think this location is stunning, just wait until you see the 14th century Priory where Louisa & Ellie got married! Coming soon..

Jessica + Norman

special thanks to amazing Toronto wedding and event planner Kristina Chau from Not Your Average Party for introducing us to this lovely couple :)

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