Saturday, September 19, 2015

Leslie & Rommel's Laughter-Filled Wedding Ceremony :)

What stands out in my memory from every time we've been around Leslie & Rommel is the laughter. These two are not only totally in love, but are obviously also full of joy, and they bring it out in each other and everyone around them. This past Thursday, they got married (finally - after 14 years together!), and their ceremony was no exception - I don't think I've ever seen a bride and groom laugh so much before, during, and after exchanging their vows :) If this day is anything to anticipate the rest of their lives together, then Leslie & Rommel are going to be very very happy!
Here are some of my favourite images of the day..

I especially love this image in the front lobby of city hall - the nail art background
suited these two perfectly!!

 I love personal details - Rommel is a DJ, so his cuff links were - of course - cassette tapes! He also got his name embroidered in his classy bespoke suit (love the lining!).. and Leslie's wedding ring and earrings were a gift from her grandmother :)
I love this image of the newlyweds :)

Leslie & Rommel:  Your wedding ceremony was lovely and full of smiles and laughs all around.. we can't wait to see you again tonight to celebrate with all your family and friends!

Jessica + Norman

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  1. I might sound biased as I'm Romm's sister but truly based on numerous wedding ceremony and reception I have seen, this is a ecclectic mix of nostalgia and culture. From private ceremony to lavish reception-the venue, music and food was carefully selected to satisfy the hosts and the guests. One thing that stands out with this couple is their chemistry and laughter. And trust me the sarcasm goes a long way especially this couple has been together for quite sometime. The event was just a humble officiation and celebration of their long term commitment. But be rest assured, not because I'm family but for the proven brazen taste and adrenaline seen by their circle---if it's a dj D1WA hosted party as Romm's alter ego-be sure you have comfy shoes on when the party starts...


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