Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Custom Holiday Card Templates Are Here!

It's that time of year again - time to dig out the mitts and scarves, trade your mojito for a Bailey's and hot chocolate, and watch the same movies you've watched every December since you can remember :) Time to think cozy thoughts. Time for bright starry skies at 5pm. Snow angels. And best of all... time to send out awesome holiday cards!
We're so excited this year, because we've been working with a very talented designer to do a re-fresh on our branding (more about that to come soon..), and he's created 4 amazing custom templates for our lovely clients to be able to send out the best cards ever! Here are a couple of examples of different images in each of the 4 templates available - which one is your favourite?
Scroll down to the bottom to get all the details about how you can order you own.. don't delay - all orders must be finalized by December 1st!

How to order your very own awesome custom holiday cards:
1. If we've photographed you and or your family this year, shoot us a quick email letting us know which template you'd like to use, and how many cards you will need. They come in sets of 25 4x6 folding cards + envelopes for $50 + HST. *Your order needs to be placed before December 1st!*
1a. If we haven't photographed anything for you recently, we've still got amazing cards for you! There are limited quantities of these three custom cards featuring images from a Festival of Lights that we went to in Pisa while we were travelling in Italy this past summer :) Just let us know which one you want, and how many sets of 25 (same pricing as above). Want your own custom cards for next year? Book your next photo session with us now!
2. Send your top 3 choices for which image to use (please be sure to specify which session if we've photographed you multiple times lately ie. engagement session and wedding).
3. We'll get in touch to see how you'd like to pay for your order. Email money transfer is preferred, but we can also accept Visa or Mastercard.
4. We'll choose the image that works best with your favourite template, and email you a mock-up by December 3rd for confirmation before it goes to print. Confirmation is required by December 5th at noon at the absolute latest.
5. You'll receive an email to confirm your pick-up time on Saturday December 7th. (If that day doesn't work for you we can make alternate arrangements, but I'm trying to get all holiday card orders printed and delivered as soon as possible!)
That's it - easy! 

If you know you want us to make custom cards for you, but are finding it difficult to pick a favourite template or image, just let us know and we'll send you a couple of suggestions to pick from :)

I'm so excited that we'll be creating such personal and colourful cards for all of you to share with your friends and families this holiday season!

Looking forward to hearing from you in the next couple of days..

p.s. here's the email address again, and feel free to call (416.806.1585) from 9am-8pm if you have any questions!

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