Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baby "Blue-Eyes" Ryker - 3 months old :)

We're a bit attached to Baby Ryker, since he's the very first baby either Norman or I had ever seen enter the world :) Now that he's grown up a bit, Ryker is already a charmer with his enormous super-blue eyes and his great singing voice.. I can't show you the songs he serenaded us with when we photographed him a few days ago, but I can show you what I mean about his eyes!
He was so alert the whole time we were there, and kept a careful watch on all of us ;) 
Oh yes - and he's also got one of the cutest little chins ever :) And here he is singing his little heart out (below..)
We had such fun getting to know this wee fella, and can't wait to see the whole family again soon!

Jessica + Norman

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  1. Thanks Jessica. Great pics and a great experience. You and Norman are fantastic.


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