Thursday, September 6, 2012

Maria & Henry - Gorgeous Summer Family Wedding at Angus Glen

We had so much fun shooting Maria & Henry's engagement photo session with their three-year-old son Tyler, that we just knew their wedding day would be fantastic :) Ahead of time, they had told me that capturing their family together on their wedding day was very important to them - which I loved. They had both their ceremony and reception at the beautiful Angus Glen Country Club, and the weather was perfect for an outdoor summer wedding..

We picked one of Tyler's favourite things - a digger - to include in this shot of the rings :)

 This probably won't be the last time I say it, but I was so in love with Maria's wedding gown! Check out the depth and texture (below) - it's pure Bride Magic :)
 I also love the tension of the minutes leading up to the ceremony...
 My favourite part of the ceremony? When Tyler came over and snuggled into his Mommy's wedding gown.. how sweet is that?!
 I love this shot of Henry, Tyler, and the digger :)
 After some great shots of the bridal party at the rustic barn on-site, we headed to the golf course with just Maria, Henry, Tyler, and the digger..
What a beautiful cake! It was so awesome how the ruffles tied in with Maria's gown :)
 Is this not the best entrance you've ever seen? I was so amazed at how much energy Tyler still had at this point in the day..
 I love this shot (above) that Norman took of Maria & Henry watching the slideshow their friend put together.. also love the Mommy & Tyler dance to the tractor song!

Maria & Henry - you had such an amazing day, and we wish you many many more amazing days together with your beautiful family! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of it :)

xo Jessica + Norman

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