Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cameron's First Birthday Party :)

It seems impossible, but we first photographed Baby Cameron almost exactly a year ago this week :) Over the year, we've watched (and photographed) some of his first smiles, his first experience of snow, his first two teeth, and now - his first birthday party! My earliest memory of Cameron is that he wasn't keen on being put down, and loved to be held by his Mommy and Daddy. A year later, he's still very snuggly and sweet, and loves kisses and a good time with his friends..

I love the little rainbow "tie" on his t-shirt!
 Actually, I loved the rainbow everything :) All the kids went home with these super-cute rainbow zigzag reusable snack pouches (below, right)
 Is this not the best bathing suit you've ever seen?? It took Cameron a while to warm up to his "smash cake", but once he got started there was no stopping him!
Happy Birthday Cameron! We had a great time at your party, and thank you so much for sharing your cupcakes with us :)

xo Jessica + Norman

{if you are planning an event that involves rainbows, cupcakes, or anything else that's awesome, give us a shout - we'd love to capture it for you!}

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