Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kelly & Eddie - An Irish/Canadian Love Story :)

When I first read Kelly's email explaining that she was a Canadian living in Dublin, planning to come back to Canada to marry her Irishman Eddie at Toronto City Hall - I couldn't help feeling like they were our twins in reverse. When I found out their wedding date was the day before our first anniversary of when we got married at Belfast City Hall, it seemed somehow like the stars had alligned.
Perhaps it was this connection, or perhaps it was the lovely accents, but when we met a couple of days before their wedding to scout our locations I immediately felt like I'd known Kelly & Eddie for years. And much like ours, their wedding day was perfect :)
We started off at the "Skates & Snacks" building in Nathan Phillips Square, which is a much newer and prettier version of this building than the one that used to be there (thankfully!)

I love this moment of nervous anticipation right before they see each other for the "first" time..

And then I love how they both glowed once they finally saw each other :)

Into City Hall for the main event :)

Kelly's friend Lindsey brought surprise bubbles - perfect!

Now for our tour of Toronto: starting with the CN Tower..

Over to the Art Gallery of Ontario..

and of course a lovely Toronto streetcar!

The reception was held at Bodega on Baldwin.. when we got there Kelly & Eddie's guests were enjoying cocktails on the amazing patio..

Kelly's Man of Honour Scott made the cake - I love that!

I also loved Kelly's secret little shamrock :) (And her shoes! And her dress!)

Kelly & Eddie - you two were amazing :) Your families were lovely, and I hope all the overseas visitors enjoyed their stay in our fair city. May this perfect day remain in your hearts for many years to come :) And we will definitely go for a pint in September!

Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of your magical day!

Jessica + Norman

{by the way, we don't only photograph weddings of Irish/Canadian couples - email us now with your details and we'd love to set up a time to chat about your upcoming wedding!}

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