Thursday, May 10, 2012

Aynslie & Mike - Fairy Tale Wedding at the Liberty Grand

Listening to Aynslie talk about her upcoming wedding day, I realized that she and I were a lot alike - we both have a glowy romantic princessy feeling about love and weddings :) From the choice of venue to the amazing colours, I knew this would be a wedding I would love!
We started the day off by visiting both the "Girls" and "Guys" camps as they were getting ready in the morning...

This is one of the most beautiful bouquets I've ever seen..

I've seen a few wedding rings in my day, but none that look like Mike's! (it's made of tungsten..)

This church was not only stunning, but happens to be the church where Aynslie's grandparents got married many years ago - how awesome is that?!

Aynslie had specifically asked me ahead of time if we could use this amazing central staircase for photos of the bridal party - what a great idea! I especially love this shot of her ascending the stairs :)

After the ceremony, we headed down to the CNE grounds for some great photo locations.. Aynslie & Mike couldn't have timed their wedding better with all those blossoms!

Yep - still at the CNE! There's this fantastic secret cabin (one of the first structures built in Toronto!) with a garden that feels like you're in the country all of a sudden :)

The Liberty Grand - a stunning venue! Totally romantic-fairy-tale-style :)

I love how weddings bring out the starry-eyed romantic looks between friends and family members who are guests! Jon & Janine (below, in colour) are coming up on the first anniversary of their wedding :)

Mike & Aynslie - you two had a perfectly magical day :) Thank you for inviting us to capture your fairy-tale wedding day and we wish you an equally magical Happily Ever After!

Jessica + Norman

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  1. Such amazingly beautiful pictures! Perfect for our Princess Aynslie.

    1. Thanks so much Lucy! They really did have a magical day :)

  2. Was the secret cabin Scadding Cabin?? I used to walk down there and sit at the picnic table at lunch time when I worked at King and Dufferin...

    1. Yes - it was Scadding Cabin! When we went to scout locations I couldn't believe it was just tucked in there under the windmill.. I've been to the CNE grounds about a million times but had never seen it before! What a beautiful spot for a lunch break :)


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