Monday, October 3, 2011

Jodie & Jeremy - October Lakeside Wedding

We loved photographing Jodie & Jeremy's engagement session because they were both so easy-going and enthusiastic, so we were really looking forward to their wedding. They had such a perfect day :) and a huge part of that was how happy they both were to be getting married to each other, and to have all their close family and friends there to share it with them...

I'll start you off with some super-pretty details!

this bowl belonged to Jodie's Grandmother - I love personal details like this :)

Because we were doing the photos of the bridal party before the ceremony, we arranged a special 
"First Look" moment for the bride and groom.. here's Jodie waiting patiently for Jeremy..

As Jeremy's close friend Darryl guided him down to the dock with his eyes closed, he gave him good practical advice such as "watch out for the pit of snakes on your left" and "jump over the hot lava" - it was awesome :)




and then we added the bridal party...

I love the side detail on Jodie's ring :)

Enough waiting (11 years apparently!) - time to get married!

(did I mention how excited Jodie was?)

snuggles with Auntie Jodie :)

I completely fell in love with the colours in the girls' bouquets!

One of my favourite things about weddings is the way it reminds all the other couples how special and totally amazing they are to each other.. I love how you can almost see the stars in their eyes when they look at each other :)  (..sigh...)

they sang their first dance song to each other :)

I loved how the layers of Jodie's dress floated in the breeze. I loved that in spite of a consistent forecast for rain, they had not a cloud in the sky. I loved that Jeremy cried during his speech. I loved how close these two families were, and how much fun they all had together. Most of all, I loved how much Jodie & Jeremy love each other, and how amazing it felt for Norman and I to have the honour of capturing their day for them :)
Thanks to everyone for a beautiful day!

xox Jessica + Norman

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