Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Annie & Colton's Romantic Peter Pan Wedding :)

Annie & Colton are two of the sweetest and most genuine people I've ever met - the kind of couple that just makes you so happy that they found each other :) This was an incredible year for them, with both of them starting new jobs, moving to a new town (and moving house twice!), starting renovations AND planning a wedding. Yet every time I spoke to them, they seemed calm about all the chaos, and really excited about their upcoming wedding day. When that day finally arrived, it was perfect from start to finish :)
Here are some of my favourite images that we captured throughout the day, starting with the Annie & the girls getting ready at the home of dear family friends..

Colton & the guys got ready at a hotel nearby, and then we met up at the Music Gardens for
the bride & groom's First Look..
As we were waiting for Colton and his Best Man Brett, there were these two sweet birds fluttering about on the rock near us - seemed like a happy sign :)

I love Annie's gown, and especially how well it suited her - stunning!!
 Mini succulents in the boutonnieres! Love it!
Next stop: Graffiti Alley! We met the rest of the bridal party there for some fun and colourful photos that capture the urban side of the area - this one wall mural seemed especially perfect for the wedding party colours!

And now for the venue.. Peter Pan Bistro has been at the corner of Queen St. & Peter St. for as long as I can remember, and has loads of character both inside and out. They recently took over the second floor and renovated it to have an event space over the restaurant, and it's beautiful. Lots of original details like the stained glass windows give a unique feel to the lovely and bright space. The best part? The restaurant on the ground floor is not only where Annie & Colton went on their first date, but also where Colton brought Annie to propose to her :)
(awww! I did warn you that theirs is a romantic story!)

So - believe it or not - this booth is the one that happened to be unoccupied when we went down to do a couple of quick photos in the restaurant, and it's the exact one where Annie & Colton
sat for their first date!
Many lovely personal details made the day extra-special - the people from Colton's work made this engraved stone for the happy couple (now proudly living in their garden), and Annie did all the chalkboard writing and drawing herself. The M&M's were even personalized with their names and a picture of them together! Not a planned detail, but I also loved what happened to the wicks on the beeswax candles as they burnt down :)
The speeches were hilarious and touching, and the food was amazing..

 First dance :)
At the end of the night, we went down to the front of the bistro for some glowy evening photos, and the next thing we knew, Colton had literally swept Annie off her feet :) From the calmness of her reaction, I'm guessing it wasn't the first time, and probably won't be the last either ;)
  Annie & Colton: You two are an absolute joy to be around :) You both possess a sincerity and thoughtful nature that made you great hosts on your wedding day, and will no doubt keep you surrounded by great friends and family no matter how far away you move! It was a pleasure and an honour to capture this amazing day for you!!

Jessica + Norman


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