Thursday, August 4, 2016

Meet Jacqueline & Ted's Super-Adorable Newborn Twins :)

Jacqueline has asked me to photograph many pretty things over the past decade, including her lovely Soak bottles and her awesome brunch wedding at the SoHo House, but none of them come close to the session we had recently with Jacqueline & Ted and their newborn twins :) As I was looking through the images after, I couldn't stop laughing out loud, and the expressions on their little faces nearly killed me with cuteness over and over again. Consider yourself warned ;) Meet super-adorable and tiny Stella and Felix..

Of all their adorable little features, I think the toes are my favourite!

 This is where it starts to get crazy cute - these two look like they're having a heated discussion about something very important (probably deciding how best to out-cute fuzzy Leo!)

 I love how it looks like Stella is whispering in Jacqueline's ear, and Felix is whispering in Ted's :)
(in reality, Stella was trying her best to eat Jacqueline's hair!)
There are no words for how adorable these last few images are..
Jacqueline & Ted: the biggest of congratulations on your super-sweet new family members:) We instantly fell in love with Stella and Felix, and can't wait to photograph them again throughout their first year!!

Jessica + Norman

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  1. The pictures are amazing absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations to Jacqueline and Ted.


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