Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Angela & Roman's Romantic Vintage Wedding at the Heintzman House :)

Angela & Roman have known each other for many years, and have been sweethearts living in separate countries for most of those years. After rising to the challenge of a long-term long-distance relationship, they spent the past year with an additional challenge: planning their wedding together across many miles and a few time zones. Every time we saw them, they seemed full of joy just to be in the same place at the same time together, yet they are also one of the most relaxed and thoughtful couples I've ever met :) The most important thing to them about their big day? The family and friends who would be there to celebrate with them. They put so much thought and time into designing and making many of the details, which resulted in a day that was beautiful, personal, and full of love! Here are some of my favourite images from Angela & Roman's romantic vintage wedding at The Heintzman House..

We started the day with the guys getting ready.. Roman had two camera looks that I loved: his "philosophical contemplative" look (which he would later demonstrate for Angela),
and his boxing stance ;)
Then down the hall to the bride's room, where Angela's bridesmaids were over the moon excited for her big day :)
Absolutely stunning! Angela glowed :)

The suspense before their "First Look" - I love how you can see Angela take a deep breath as a single tear slides down her cheek while waiting for Roman..
(Roman shows Angela how philosophical he can look below.. she was obviously very impressed!)
The aisle was a runway of heart-shaped flower petals :)

After a lovely ceremony and brief reception at the church, we went back to the Heintzman House for photos and cocktails.. Roman's Auntie and Angela's Uncle both traveled quite far to be there for the day, which the couple was very grateful for :)
Great couple, beautiful venue, and a gorgeous classic car! The family friend who did all the floral decor around the tulip bed has known Angela since she was about 8 years old :)
I loved this bridal party - everyone was up for a laugh and we had a great time together!

A quick change of gowns for the bride, and then all the guests joined us out on the patio for a huge group shot before the bouquet toss..
I loved all the pretty vintage details Angela & Roman had - the twinkle light backdrop
was especially magical!

Roman's parents presented the newlyweds with a traditional Russian bread, which they tasted before Roman literally swept Angela off her feet and swooped her around the room before arriving at the head table!
During dinner there was never a dull moment - we were all highly entertained by all the challenges and games organized for the couple, including a singing showdown where Angela's "O Canada" was met by Roman's freestyle rapping..
Roman was put to the test: having to identify his bride's hand from a lineup while blindfolded, and having to pick her lips from a series of lipsticked napkins! (Luckily for him, he won both challenges!)

After dinner, all the guests headed outside for some great fun with sparklers :)
 .. and then back inside to get the party started!
Before the night was over, we snuck Angela & Roman out for a couple of last shots - some fun with photo booth props, and a lovely glowing end to a radiant day :)
Angela & Roman: you two have been an absolute pleasure to know from the first time we met you! We had so much fun photographing your wedding, and loved getting to know your families and friends. After all you've been through together, this is the beginning of your next exciting chapter - we wish you loads of laughter, kisses and happiness in the adventures to come :)

Jessica + Norman

Hair & Makeup: Jessika D.
Photography: Jessica + Norman, Jessica Lin Photography

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