Friday, January 2, 2015

Julia & Al's Awesome Doctor Who Wedding: Through All of Time and Space :)

Julia & Al first met when they were in high school, when they both attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute (where we went for their super-fun engagement session at the end of the summer). In the years since then, they've added a few adorable cats to their family, and have supported and encouraged each other as they blossomed into the amazing and lovely people they are today. They're the kind of couple where you can see that each one makes the other a stronger and better person, which is such an amazing and beautiful thing :)
Not only did we immediately like Julia & Al as people, but they had one of the greatest wedding themes imaginable - at least to those of us who are Doctor Who fans! Starting with a TARDIS ring box at their proposal, through to entering their reception to the theme music from Doctor Who, there were so many whimsical and romantic details that gave a nod to the show. They had a playful and perfect day, and also had the perfect venue: The Doctor's House in Kleinburg ;)
Join me on the adventure of re-living this great day..
Bow ties - YES! 
Julia & Al had written letters to each other, and asked me if they could read them as part of their First Look.. it made for a very touching and sweet start to their time together on their big day :)
Did I mention they had a life-sized TARDIS? Because they did, and it was fantastic!

 All of the romance of the day was balanced nicely by the couple's sense of humour ;)
 Kissing under a portrait of Queen Victoria.. who may or may not be a werewolf ;)

The big picture windows at the back of The Doctor's House were a beautiful backdrop for photos :)

 And then we moved upstairs for the ceremony - the fire added a lovely touch to the cozy atmosphere!

{I love this epic first kiss shot! Thanks Julia for suggesting it :D} 
Julia & Al signed the registry using this sonic screwdriver pen, and guests were assigned a key to walk through the TARDIS into the reception hall :) The sunflower centerpieces were a nod to the "VanGogh" episode (which was a fantastic one and brought tears to my eyes!), and check out that awesome cake-topper!
Making a grand entrance through the TARDIS, and then lots of fun with the traditional Hora and Greek dancing to honour both of their family backgrounds
It's much bigger inside than it looks from the outside ;)

 A special treat: Al's brother Christopher really got the party started with his awesome djembe skills!
 Bridal Party TARDIS photobooth!

 A few last shots of the happy couple at the end of their very happy day :)
Julia & Al: you guys are great and your wedding day was magic :) May your futures be a romantic adventure through time and space together!
Jessica + Norman

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