Friday, April 11, 2014

Lauren & Michael's Gorgeous Beach Wedding in Panama (part 3 - evening)

Last month, Emily and I went to Panama to photograph and film one of the most amazing couples and their beautiful wedding :) You definitely don't want to miss out on the pre-wedding fun earlier in the week, or the stunning ceremony on the beach if you haven't already seen them!
Once the sun started to go down, family and friends gathered at their tables around a dance floor made of sand, and settled in for an evening of pure magic :) In case you think I'm exaggerating, have a look through some of the highlights of the night and I promise you'll agree..
I think maybe all first dance locations should be framed by palm trees :) 
I've never seen a dance floor fill up so instantly and enthusiastically! 
I loved how Lauren's maid of honour (her sister Vanessa) told about the bride's tendency towards accidents, but said the best and biggest fall of all was when she fell for Michael :) {yes - I'm a total romantic sap, but I love knowing that I'm not the only one!}
the Panama canvas filling up with signatures, and the Sasquatch feet make an appearance on the dance floor.. 
 So if right now you're thinking "wow - what a beautiful day Lauren & Michael had!", then you'd better do two things: 1. Click here and listen to this song in the background (this was actually playing during some of the moments below), and 2. imagine being on a beach at your favourite restaurant, with 70 of your family members and friends.. It's totally dark, the weather is perfect, you can hear the ocean.. And then one by one, these fiery globes start glowing around you, and then floating up over the water.. magic :)

This was truly one of those moments when you feel like you're a part of something that has made your heart just a bit fuller than it was before.. When you realize you're standing in what feels like the middle of eternity, and it's beautiful.. 
Lauren & Michael - I can't thank you enough for not only allowing us to be a part of your amazing adventure, but for being so incredibly lovely to be around throughout it all! We wish you a lifetime of the kind of love that we saw you surrounded by on your wedding day, and may all the wishes on all those Chinese lanterns come true :)


{Adventure and Romance are my two favourite things :) If you've got a destination wedding adventure in your future, please get in touch!}

Photography (stills and film): Jessica + Emily, Jessica Lin Photography

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