Monday, March 24, 2014

Lauren & Michael's Awesome Panamanian Wedding Adventure (part 1 - pre-wedding fun)

 Right from our first skype chat, I knew that going to Panama to photograph Lauren & Michael's wedding week was going to be tonnes of fun - I've rarely met a couple as welcoming and laid-back as these two are, and they carried that through in all the planning and details of their wedding. Because they actually live in Panama, it was a bit different from most "destination" weddings - but it was at its heart an amazing relaxed week on the beach with lots of friends and family :)
Emily and I were fortunate enough to be there for the whole week, which meant not only a great chance to get to know everyone before the wedding day, but also lots of other fun stuff to photograph! Here are some of the highlights, including a "beersbee" tournament on the beach, and an early-morning surfing lesson..
I've never even attempted to surf before, so I was super-impressed by the progress made by all the first-timers - in spite of taking a huge beating from both surf and boards (including at least one black eye!), everyone stuck with it for the whole 2-hour lesson! 
 You've seen Point Break right? It was exactly like that - first everyone had to practice "surfing" on the beach, on boards traced in the sand..
 ... and then the real challenge came!

An awesome time was had by all! 
And that was just the first few days! I can't wait to share some of my favourite images from the wedding day - stay tuned!

{p.s. We love to travel! If you've got a destination wedding in your future, please get in touch!}

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