Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kate & Duane's Fairytale Garden Wedding :)

Kate & Duane both grew up in Ontario - and that's where their families still are - but they are currently living in a small town in the mountains in BC.. so although theirs was a "destination" wedding, the destination was Kate's childhood home and the beautiful garden surrounding it. I actually remember sitting on my bed in a Tuscan farmhouse emailing Kate to confirm all the details while we were in Italy earlier this summer. Even from such a distance, I loved the description she gave of the simple, intimate day they were planning to celebrate with their close friends and family. But no matter how perfect Kate & Duane's wedding sounded like it was going to be, it was in reality at least ten times more perfect :) This was the best kind of wedding - the kind where you've got a beautiful setting, pretty details, and gorgeous weather.. but most importantly you've got two people who are - quite simply - completed by being in the presence of each other. What a joy it was to witness this incredible day..

 We did a "first look" before the ceremony - I loved how excited Kate & Duane were to see each other on their wedding day!
If Kate's parents ever decide to leave Hawthorne House, I hope they call me before putting it up for sale! The home is so full of history (there's even a book written about it!) and the surrounding gardens are absolutely enchanting.. It was a fantastic backdrop for some really magical images :)
I'm so in love with this image!! It actually took my breath away when I first saw it..
 I also loved the foresty theme throughout the details.. like this beautiful mossy bird's nest for Kate & Duane's rings, and the super-original thumb-print signing tree :)
 What a perfect setting.. !
 (how cute is the flower girl taking a break to examine the grass?!)

 LOVE these pretty rustic and vintage details - the tag on the cookies says "Bear Hugs" :)

 We snuck (sneaked?) the happy couple down to the water at sunset - I love these last glowy images..
Kate & Duane - I don't know what to say other than Thank You. Thank you for sharing your home and  awesome families with us, thank you for a beautiful day, and most of all - thank you for the honour of allowing us to capture in images the magic that you so clearly carry in your hearts :) We wish you many years of a happiness that glows like your wedding day did!

Jessica + Norman

{We absolutely *love* photographing intimate and alternative weddings :) If you've got one in your future, please get in touch!}


  1. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! It looks like a fairytale wedding. you both were amazing photographers and we enjoyed meeting you as well. Perfect Pictures
    Tanya McGill

  2. Thanks so much Tanya! It was a truly great day and they are such a lovely couple - it was a pleasure for us to be there :)

  3. What a perfect garden wedding you had! Thanks a lot for sharing your story as well as wonderful pictures of your memories. Congratulations!


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