Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Norman & Jessica's Destination Wedding + Photography Adventure (Part 10)

Part 10 - Sligo

{Need to catch up? Here's the beginning, and here's Part 9 where we left off..}

Norman had been telling me about Sligo pretty much since we met, so it was really nice to finally get there and see it for myself. He didn't exaggerate - the sand dunes at the beach are stunning, and it's just generally a lovely place :) Also, the surfing scenes from Point Break were filmed nearby which is an added bonus if you happened to have a huge Point Break movie poster on the ceiling above your bed as a teenager ;) (just to be clear - that was me, not Norman!). And as usual, we pretty much had all this gorgeous scenery to ourselves..

 I love this about my husband - he has pretty much left our initials in hearts on every available flat surface we've come across (in five countries so far..). We also built a tiny Inukshuk on the pebble beach like good Canadians do everywhere :) We walked all the way to the "end" and around the corner to sit in the sun and enjoy the view and the dramatic pre-rain sky..
 After our lovely walk down the beach, we went back to the town to do some wedding photos in the pub near right near the beach. We thought it would be very "Irishy" to have Guinness - this was my first (and likely last!) sip of Guinness ever so I'm glad it was in Ireland :) They had one table (below) where you could actually pour your own pints and save yourself the trip all the way up to the bar.. I can only imagine there have been a couple of shocking credit card bills that have resulted from this!
 I have to admit to not even coming close to finishing that pint, which seemed to please the guys at the bar that we left it with ;) 
Part of what I loved about our room at the B&B was the great gold frame she had on the wall (which you can sort of see behind me in this picture on the left..) - you may recognize it as the one I ended up using for our wall art piece that was a collage of 10 images from our wedding trip and party (right) and it completely fits in with our "real life" gold frames at home!

I loved our trip around Ireland :) We saw and did such an amazing variety of awesome things, and the people of course are so lovely and friendly :) I can't wait to go back! If you're planning on going, Norman would be very happy to offer suggestions..

After our 8 days of driving around the country, we headed back to Norman's sister Elaine's place for a few days of relaxing, visiting, and planning for the family party near the end of our stay. Our next stop was Alicante, Spain! Just to give you a quick impression, this was the view if you looked up from the breakfast table where we stayed :) How awesome is that?!

Stay tuned for our Spanish adventures, coming soon!

Jessica + Norman

Gown: Cabaret Vintage
Veil + fascinator: Oh Dina!
Photography: Jessica Lin Photography

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